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This gallery contains representative samples from a photo journal of South Korea
at a time approximately 70 years following the end of the Korean War

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Nakan Village

Nakan Matriarch

Nakan Pottery Shop
  Nakan Water Mill

Bonghwa Socheonmyeon Oroji Pension - Photo #2

Bonghwa Socheonmyeon Oroji Pension - Photo #3
  Bonghwa Socheonmyeon Oroji Pension - Photo #5

Trucks Of War

A Northward View
  A View Of Busan

Gwangan Bridge At Night

And More Hills Beyond
  Sunset At Honshinji

Bonghwa Socheonmyeon Oroji Pension - Photo #4

Getting Ready For Action
  Double Vision
  Buddha's Birthday Monk

Anapji At Night

Countryside Pagoda

Scads of Scallions

Shinan Salt Farm Worker
  Tending The Flock

Fogy Daybreak At Hambaeksan

Gamcheondong Village
  Springtime In Gamcheondong

At Busanjin Station

Cabbages And Windmills
  Bulguksa Scenery1

Horse Race

On A Winter's Day
  Covered In Snow

Busan New Port

Baskets Of Plenty
  Jumping Rope

The Lighthouse Cathedral

Gwaneumdo and Ulleungdo
  Gwaneumdo Bridge1

Jeodong - Photo #2

The View From Gitdaebong
  A View From Taeha

Cheonbu Sunset

Flowers At Gwaneumdo


Ajummas - Photo #34
  A Fishy Transaction


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