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This gallery contains representative samples of the art that surrounds us on a daily basis.
Some of the photos have been modified to enhance their artistic presence, while others are "as taken".

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Of Deity Contemplation

  Ghosts In The Whiteout

The Offering

Sunsets, Silhouettes, and Still Waters
  Nature's Symmetry

Suncheon Sunset

Jeotanjang Window
  Cheongsapo Lighthouse

Gamcheon Blues

A Model Sunset
  Monk With Lamp

Hung Out To Dry
  Old Market - Photo #16

Walking A Silent Runway
  Fraternal Twins

Songjeong Window
  Walking Through Seounam

The Hand Of Homigot
  Walking Through Seounam

Red Stool And Shadow

Upo Autumn Dragonfly
  Butterfly Magic

Beyond The Reeds

The Lonely Clothespin
  My Better half

To The Gods Of Fire

Hanshin Azalea
  Medicinal Plant

Free Bird
  My Latest Gullfriend

Deogyusan Snow

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